Custom Embossed Diary – Personalize Diary with Embossing Your Logo

Emboss your logo on leather or PU diary. Customize with your branding.

Embossing is the process of pressing a design onto a surface of the leather of faux leather surface. The result is an image that is raised above the surface of the original material.

The embossing essentially looks like the logo coming out towards you creating a beautiful 3D look for your graphic, which is something that regular screen printing cannot achieve.

If you have specific sample in mind share your requirement with us and we’ll make it for you within budget. Get in touch today!

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In order to emboss an image, an artwork design or logo must be made into a template so as to cut a metal die and a corresponding counter-die.
Dies are made of brass, copper or magnesium. The embossing process begins with the chosen material being fixed between the two dies from there a heated press is used to squeeze the die imprint into the material, finally resulting in a raised image, design or logo.